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FAQผู้ตรวจสอบและรับรองบัญชี (Tax auditor)

  Auditing service


A1 Audit Co.,Ltd. - Annual Audit

      Scope :

  • Standard auditing of company accounts and financial records.
  • Certification of company’s financial statement by a qualified Certified Public Accountant (CPA)

     Include preparation of Por Ngor Dor 50, Sor Bor Chor 3 and Bor Or Jor 5 for the year ended December 31 and submission to The Revenue Department & Ministry of Commerce.

      Client to receive :

Auditor’s report for the year ended December 31
- Thai 5 copies
- English 1 copy




for more information, please contact:-

Nonthaburi Office
300/55 Bangkruay-Sainoi Rd., T.Bangrakpattana, A.Bangbuathong, Nonthaburi 11110
Tel: 085-807-1356 , 081-809-3613



A1 Accounting and A1 Audit Co.,Ltd.
300/55 Bangkruay-Sainoi Rd.,T.Bangrakpattana, Bangbuathong Nonthaburi 11110
300/55 ถนนบางกรวย-ไทรน้อย ตำบลบางรักพัฒนา อำเภอบางบัวทอง จังหวัด นนทบุรี 11110